大家還記得去年的POZ MOVEMENT嗎?我們一起透過展覽、座談、放映、舞會、發聲肥皂箱展現了愛滋社群的各種樣貌與能量,在15天展期中與大家密集聚會

大家還記得去年的POZ MOVEMENT嗎?我們一起透過展覽、座談、放映、舞會、發聲肥皂箱展現了愛滋社群的各種樣貌與能量,在15天展期中與大家密集聚會。

一個好消息告訴大家,感染誌今年獲選進入 AIDS2024 世界愛滋大會,即將代表臺灣社群前進慕尼黑,準備用「陽性意志2.0」將我們國家的HIV人權現況及社群夥伴們的藝術創作呈現給國際社會!

「POZ Arts by Taiwan HIVStory Association」將在的 AIDS2024 的 Global Village 專屬展位隆重登場,帶觀展者閱覽臺灣社會的愛滋社群景況,以錄像、繪畫、文件檔案、雕塑、詩歌、攝影和現場演出等作品,讓更多人的能見證屬於臺灣的POZ Power!

Here comes a great news! Taiwan HIVstory Association and our exhibition project “POZ Arts by Taiwan HIVStory Association” was selected and will be featured in AIDS2024, the 25th International AIDS Conference, take place in Munich, Germany from 22 to 26 July 2024.

Titled ”POZ Movement, ” last year, we created a container to deliver Taiwanese POZ community’s diverse voices through exhibitions, talks, screening, and ball parties, heightening our will to be wellbeing.

With this honorable opportunity granted by the International AIDS Society (IAS), we look forward to enhancing our exhibition last year with new productions and showing a piece of the profile of how POZ folks stay alive in our country. ((( find us at Global Village!!!)))